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Chitika Account Analysis For Better Revenue

chitikaBiar ngga kelelep ama email lain, walopun dah sebulan lebih lamanya harus tetep dimasukkan dalam blog ini biar kagak lupa :)

Chitika waktu bulan Pebruari menganalisa smua (ato ngga yak?) situs utama para publishernya. Statistik ini merupakan hasil perbandingan 50 Top Earner Chitika Publisher, tapi kok ya ngga dikasih tau sapa yak ke-50 publisher itu. Masa bodo yg penting kan hasil analisanya :)

Factor 1: Traffic
If you don’t have a lot of users coming to your site, then you probably won’t get too many clicks on your ads!

Your Account Daily Average: 46,903

Nice – looks like you are getting a good amount of traffic right now. But of course, you can always grow more! Here are some great resources on building traffic: Problogger, Copyblogger, Wikihow

Factor 2: U.S. Traffic
It is well-known in the ad industry that the US market is the most developed and lucrative.

Your Account: 23.95%
Chitika Top Performer Averages: 53.29%

Needs Improvement. You can see where your traffic is coming from at sites like Spyfu.com, or in your Google Analytics (if you aren’t running analytics software yet, you should be!)

Factor 3: U.S. Search Engine Traffic/SEO
Search engine traffic is extremely targeted, and advertisers are willing to pay better for this type of traffic. People coming to your site from search engines are most often the people who click on ads. And specifically to Chitika, our Premium ads will only show to this type of traffic

Your Account: 81.05%
Chitika Top Performer Averages: 46.60%

Awesome – looks like you are already doing great with your SEO! Even though you are already an “expert” in this area, you might find these resources interesting: Problogger SEO article, Hubspot’s Website Grader, SEOChat, SEOBook (and their blog), SEOMoz (also has a great blog), and about a million other sites you can find on Alltop

Factor 4: CTR (Click-Through Rate)
This one seems a bit obvious, but it makes sense that if you can get more visitors to click on your ads, then you will increase your earnings!

Your Account: 2.79%
Chitika Top Performer Averages: 1.59%

Sweet – looks like your CTR is above-average :) You probably don’t need any more tips, but here are a few for you anyways: Chitika Placement Guide, Ad-Customization Guide

Dari ke-4 analisa yang diberikan, maka yg harus diberikan bobot lebih adalah traffic dari US. So let’s hunt some traffic from US :)

Pencarian:cara membuat akun dhl, daftar account indosat.